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Springbot at TAG 2014

26 days ago

Allen at Flashpoint

27 days ago


28 days ago

Sunday Lunch

29 days ago

Asa Napper

Terp went for a run. Asa stayed at home with me, napping at first. When he woke up I took him for some adventures in the back yard. We talked about bees. And we worked on counting to four. Beautiful weather today. When Terp got home she snatched the little cutie up immediately.

29 days ago

Backyard Science with Ava and Emme

Ava, Emme and I did some backyard science today. We spent a few hours finding items, categorizing them and cataloging them in nature books. Good fun with the kiddos!

29 days ago

Bug in Back Yard

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Nightly Gametime with Ava and Emme

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Springbot Walkin'... to El Escorpion

1 month 17 hours ago

It's My Birthday!

First day of spring. My birthday. Talked to mom at 6:44a, my birth minute. Ems brought in some Sublime birthday donuts? yay!

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