Abby, who will appear on the Bachelorette next Monday (apparently not as a bachelorette, but as a friend of one... Abby's married), is taking over the Wednesday pilates slot. Which is nice because I was losing core strength without Cameo's class. The gym was finding subs who were all good but none had the intensity I was looking for. Abby does a good job with the class and seems to know proper form. A little less intense than Cameo's class and a little more than Candace's. She moves the class along briskly.

Mary Beth was there, being all strong and flexible as always. She's having a hectic week as the kids in her gifted class gang up on her... and each other. It's gotta be a handful... a bunch of kids who've been told that they're special. Her best friend was there too. She just joined the gym and may be taking a spin class sometime soon. Keith made it out. Didn't see Dana tonight, but I'm sure she was busy with her family, which is awesome... family first.

I was very happy to get a good core workout in. I can definitely feel that my strength has progressed. It's not so much that I'm much stronger at any one position... just that I have a much fuller range of motion. Still a lot to work on, but I am feeling some progress, which is great. The analogy is that I'm broadening my torque curve, not increasing the height of the curve much. On things like the recline I'm able to maintain control all the way down instead of falling the last 45 degrees.

Still close to no flexibility though. Man, I suck with the flexibility. Bending forward, legs flat on the ground in front of me, both hands reaching... I got no game. The backs of my legs sieze up and shake. I need more yoga and stretching. But when to find the time, of course.

Class was interrupted about fifteen minutes before the end with a false fire alarm.

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